Free-flowing space-riding, space-flowing free-riding, flow-riding free-spacing……space-freeingride-flowing?

Flo in bookshop in Shimla

My Cyberhome. Passers-by welcome…free to come and go. I’m sorting through my mind space to find and share the useful and interesting things. 

Digital detangling 

Flo’s Space gives certain thoughts a second chance. To un-silence and share the scribblings in notepads that have been calling out for further attention. It is a space to untangle intuitions, meditate on musings, and offer up findings.

But this is not a platform to merely indulge in catharsis, and I don’t claim to have any answers, but I, like everyone else, have something to say. This is an open space for joining in, feeding back, and sharing scribbles. If we detangle some doodles together, we have more chance finding out how long the piece of string really is.


Flo WR…Holding Space