Nape of your neck

Laid on a pillow, a mat, or a bed

you rest the weight of your body and head.

Surrendered to softness,

succumbing to sleep,

I notice your shape shift as you travel down deep.


Curled in protection of belly and heart

your closed eyes look inwards,

but I still see your markings, which make you you,

As I lie behind you holding on like a spoon.


Curly hair meets a freckle, you’ll never see,

The nape of your neck is especially for me.





Proof of the pudding

We see eye to eye so often
I forget how tall you are.
Some days away to soften
my gaze
Brings pleasant surprises
when you walk through the door.

A hug is an understatement
A kiss a mere word
to describe our embrace
after time spent apart

You smile sunbeams
You twinkle a grin
You open your arms
for little me to step in.

And although we were baked
in a different cake tin
we’re remixed together
delicious again.