Conscious Belly Newsletter – Spring!

The ancient traditions of yoga suggest that spring is the perfect time to embark on a more physical yoga practice. Now is the time to increase your movement and embrace the lighter energy that the season brings. Our digestion starts to get a little more support from the warming climes so we can begin to benefit from a holistic gut healing practice full of good seasonal foods, appropriate exercise, and lovely light & sunny vibes. With these ingredients the beneficial flora can grow inside as well as out!

So even if the gardening is still a little out of bounds for fear of frosty – and not yet green – fingers, take the opportunity to plant the seeds of good digestion, and begin to stimulate that digestive fire with some light and warming yoga practice when you can.

Try a warming pranayama (breathing) technique to start you off such as Surya Analoma Viloma. Simply close your left nostril and breathe through the right, and imagine a warm golden glow fill your entire body. See what happens!

For many more warming, as well as cooling, yogic techniques to stimulate digestion and settle inflammation, try the second week in the Yoga for Gut Health and Healing course, “Tempering the Fire”.

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