Digital Digestion

Most of us have probably heard of the phrase “digital detox”: a dedicated time out from the computerised technology that defines our modern age. This can be anything from a holiday with no internet access, to a silent retreat such as a Vipassana meditation centre, or some may even go so far as to leave … Continue reading Digital Digestion

Yoga Online – The limits to the benefits

As weeks turn into months of life in lockdown, the human species must adapt its behaviour as well as its habitat. As our territory to roam becomes increasingly limited, we become increasingly aware that resistance to confinement is more futile in this particular scenario than any other political oppression. We cannot argue with the virus, we can barely be angry with this microscopic … Continue reading Yoga Online – The limits to the benefits

Conscious Belly: Bramacharya

Brahmacharya: A new interpretation for gut health & healing Throughout history, the yogic concept of brahmacharya has been reincarnated into ever-evolving social contexts. Unlike the other Yamas the meaning of brahmacharya is not so explicit. The Yamas - The Five Social Conducts of Ashtanga Yoga There are many lineages of yogic philosophical teaching and the yamas appear as the first … Continue reading Conscious Belly: Bramacharya

Conscious Belly Newsletter – Spring!

The ancient traditions of yoga suggest that spring is the perfect time to embark on a more physical yoga practice. Now is the time to increase your movement and embrace the lighter energy that the season brings. Our digestion starts to get a little more support from the warming climes so we can begin to benefit from a holistic gut healing … Continue reading Conscious Belly Newsletter – Spring!

October 2018-The Hunter’s Full Moon!

Wonderful thoughts and feelings from The Temple of Cosmic Spheres! Looking forward to sharing this through the rest if this week’s yoga classes as we come down on the Hunter’s moon energy surge. Time to rest and digest after all that hunting!

Temple of the Cosmic Spheres

Photography by John Entwhistle

October 24.2018
Full Moon in Taurus
12:45p.m. (EDT)

Todays Full Moon is called the Hunter’s Moon and marks the second of the Fall Full Moons; September’s Harvest Moon being the first. Lady Moon waxes Full in the astrological Fixed and Earthy sign of Taurus, the Bull. I’ve written much about this astrological energy and although, I don’t normally use the “names” given to the moons, in this case it felt natural to use that as the focus for exploring the potential of this energy.

I just finished teaching a series of classes entitled Ma’at and Order in the Chaos. The focus was on use of the Hermetic Principles (aka: Universal Laws) that provide the template for creation’s action and the need for the balance of chaos and order for the cycles of existence to continue. We talked about having intentional transparency in working with these principles…

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