Nutmeg: Chapter 3

Catch up with Chapter 1 here and Chapter 2 here A windy wet whisper wound around V’s wispy white blonde hairs, erecting them around the back of her delicate neck. She gasped inwardly and shrugged her shoulders towards her ears to counter the cringeworthy sensation. This sudden motion caused a tiny tidal wave of water to … Continue reading Nutmeg: Chapter 3

Nutmeg: Chapter 2

If you haven't read it already, Chapter 1 is here.   “PING.…PING..PING ……PING!!” went the iPhone next to V’s crumpled pillow face. She’d barely been asleep when bull-shit beautifying business notifications shot at her like bullets firing from a machine gun. Guns, germs and coltan were the new weapons of the modern age.  But today … Continue reading Nutmeg: Chapter 2

Short Story from the Shadow Side

Nutmeg: Confessions of a Narcissistic Hypochondriac   Chapter One   She looked in the mirror, but she didn’t see a face. Her eyes zoomed in and traced around her hairline, scouring the skin for blackheads and pimples like CCTV cameras sensing criminal activity. They moved over her eyebrows, scrutinising each hair like an army major … Continue reading Short Story from the Shadow Side

Yoga Practice for Anxiety

Yoga for anxiety In the previous post, I’ve briefly discussed some yogic philosophy that can help cope with anxiety: the notion of not being consumed by thoughts and sensations and knowing that your individual self is always part of the great divine universe (in a nutshell!).  If you can manage it during an episode of … Continue reading Yoga Practice for Anxiety

Moronic Britonic Rhetoric, Pass me another Gin and Tonic

  It's not long before the red mist clears The rosie red mist of returning home Soon turns into a cloud of claustrophobia A red raw aftermath of unrequited revolution.     What have we become?  A herd of fleshy, furry gargoyles  Set in stone by masonic gorgons Rows of disparate desperate pawns on a … Continue reading Moronic Britonic Rhetoric, Pass me another Gin and Tonic

Test of Metal

Real strength is not measured in the body. Each body has different strengths and weaknesses, they are incomparable. One body could be weak from disease for an entire lifetime, or the healthiest and strongest of bodies could be instantly destroyed from the impact of a bus.    Strength is not measured in the mind. Intelligence … Continue reading Test of Metal